Building a successful affiliate website that ranks highly on Google and earns monthly passive has been the dream of many people. However, most people failed at that because they try to overcomplicate things. Perhaps they have been getting information from all over the internet or from some ‘guru” that teaches them all these overly complicated methods and techniques that overwhelms them.

They soon quit this dream and declare that profitable affiliate websites are just a myth. What they don’t realize is that in order to build a successful affiliate website, there is a proven formula that uses very basic but fundamentally strong pillars. These pillars form the backbone of a successful and profitable website that will grow even stronger over time.

So, what is this formula? It’s stunningly simple yet powerful. There are a total of 4 pillars.

1) Good niche and keyword research

2) Good website structure

3) Relevant contents

4) Relevant and targeted backlinks ( you don’t need thousands of them )