This WSO, Flip Mastery 2.0 has been selling for 24 months on the Warrior Forum and is going from strength to strength. Students who joined earlier this month and took action are seeing results like this and this ( November 2021 ). Don’t you think it’s about time you join them and enjoy the same results?

But wait! I know what you are thinking… I am interested but I am just starting out and the training is too expensive for me. Well, you are not alone. In fact, many interested students have written to me in the past lamenting the same thing and asking for a lower price but I have always politely turned them down or given them a small goodwill discount on a case-by-case basis.

You see the training price is high for a reason. It works! And the tremendous support that goes into ensuring students gets the best guidance to be successful is unapparelled. In fact, at $197, it is already considered a steal because many similar or even poor quality training goes for $597 or even $997. Those are “guru” prices and they command these prices NOT BECAUSE their training is good but becuase they are supposedly “revered” gurus who may know next to nothing about the course they are selling.

Well, I am not a guru, so I won’t charge you guru prices. What I charge is based on my extensive real-life knowledge, training, and support on what I am teaching and not some theory cooked up by some guru.

So now that you can see and understand the value of this training, do you think it is something that is worth pursuing?

And now I am going to do something very special that I have NEVER done before

During this Black Friday and Cyber Monday week special, I am going to offer you something very irresistible because I realized that this training should reach more people in order to help them build a genuine and successful online business. I also know and believe that whoever follows this training closely will get similar or even better results such as the ones shown above. So read the next few lines carefully if you are serious about your online business efforts.


Flip mastery 2.0 will go for just $97 and that is a whopping 50% off the regular price of $197. Yes you read this correctly

ONLY $97 ( Regular $197 ) for a limited time or available slots.

So if you have been reading my WSO and contemplating buying it, here is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Grab a spot while it is still available. Don’t wait till all the slots are filled and you message me to ask for a discount. Grab while the button is still there at this price. This is not a scarcity tactic. It WILL revert back to the original price anytime soon.

The ball is in your court. You can either take it and score a great goal with or pass it to someone else and watch by the sidelines while they score their own goals.