Profit-Sharing Partnership That Is Ready To Make You Money

Note: This program is through invitation only. We do not accept anyone into our program and can only accept you if you aligned with our income goals.

Are You Ready To Earn A Monthly Lucrative Income From E-commerce?

E-commerce is currently the fastest growing and most lucrative online business. More people are now going online primarily to purchase something, from training courses to cosmetics, from dog food to dog supplements and kennels, from baby clothes to baby formula, from smartwatches to luxury watches, everyone is buying online.

When you open up an e-commerce store you are in a very good position to take advantage of this growing trend and sell the products in your niche.


Although opening up an e-commerce store is a very lucrative online business model, creating and building such a store is no walk in the park. It can be a very TIME-CONSUMING task, time that you do not have or just couldn’t spare. Even if you can spare the time, you, may not have the knowledge or limited ability.

And the biggest problem is INVENTORY!

We know because we have been building quite a number of e-commerce stores for many years and went through many trials and errors surviving different Google algorithm updates along the way and coming out stronger each time. On top of that, we spent considerable time on every website to ensure that all the various components are in place. We also spent quite a tidy sum on inventory and logistics to ensure that all products are shipped to customers on time.

These are some of the problems you are facing right now if you want to start an e-commerce website

No marketing channels

No idea how to do SEO

No idea which profitable affiliate marketing network to join

Lack of capital for inventory

 No time to build websites

No idea what niche is profitable

Not able to write and produce contents

No knowledge of website building

But Wait! There is some good news for you

There Is A Better And Easier Way For You To Enjoy This Lucrative Income From e-commerce

All is not lost, however, because you will still be able to earn passively and enjoy this lucrative income stream without having to go through all the difficulties associate with building an e-commerce store.


Profit-Sharing E-commerce Stores

Our Profit Sharing (PF) E-commerce Store is a website that focuses on a profitable niche market such as health and fitness, home, and many other profitable niches.

This e-commerce store will contain high-quality products that we will sell to customers in the US only. Our products will be stored with a warehouse delivery partner who will ship out the product when it is ordered.

We will also be building high Domain Authority backlinks to the website so that it will rank highly in the Google search engine. We will also build social media traffic to increase website traffic and visitors. They will also be handling other parts of the logistics such as returns and replacement


How Does The Profit Sharing Works?

Our team will build the Profit Sharing (PF) Profit Sharing (PF) E-commerce Store and as a partner, you will contribute a part of the startup cost to get this store up and running.

Building each profitable Profit Sharing (PF) E-commerce Store takes about $10,000-$20000 and most people will not be able to afford that. That’s where our PF program works perfectly because you will only need to pay just a portion of the cost and we will share the profits from this e-commerce store with you monthly.

There is no need for you to worry about all the behind-the-scenes technical aspects of the program. Let our expert team handle them and you just receive the payments like clockwork.

Each partner will have a GUARANTEED customized profit payment plan that is pre-agreed upon before you start the program.

Why You Should Partner With Us?

  • High level of professionalism, honesty, and integrity
  • Personalized detail and attention to your needs and requirements
  • Quick response to your inquiries
  • Highly experienced with more than 10 years in Internet Marketing
  • No hidden costs or unexpected additional expenses
  • Achieve peace of mind through our professional work ethics
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

Advantages Of Profit-Sharing E-commerce Store


100% Unique Website

All our stores are designed from the ground up and will be 100% unique.


Carefully research Niche And Keywords

As you are aware, niche and keyword research is an extremely time-consuming task and if you chose the wrong niche, then your website will not make you much money. However, we have taken care of all this hard work for you and will choose a profitable niche.


Save Time And Money

No need to spend weeks and months to build your own website which may or may not make money


Google Favored Website

No need to run afoul of Google because our websites abide fully by Google’s Terms And Conditions


Perfectly Written Articles And Reviews

You don’t have to spend hours hunch over a computer to write articles and review contents.


Social Media Ready

Your website and it’s contents is ready to be shared on all the popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram And Twitter


Inventory Sourcing

Our team will source all the inventory required to run this store



We have partnered with a delivery warehousing platform that will handle all the logistics matters on our behalf.

Number Of Stores Built For Profit Sharing

Satisfied Clients Served

Original Articles Written

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have totally no experience in starting an online business. Can I still purchase your website and still be profitable?

A: Of course! In fact, many of our clients are just like you who would like to get a piece of the online action but are restrained by the lack of knowledge and time. The beauty of our system is that it takes away all these hassles and pain and lets you participate and enjoy a successful online business without the need for any prior experience.

Q: How about niche selection? Can I choose my own?

A: While we have the flexibility to allow that, we would advise you against that because we are in a better position to let you know which niche works best for profitability. After all, you are into this to make money and not be married to the niche, right?

Q: Does your website meet Google standards of desirable websites?

A: Of course! All our websites are built in accordance with Google’s highest standard and as such, they rank favorably in the Google Search Engine.

Q: How much can I expect to make and when?

A: Each customer will have a customized payment plan.

Q: Are there any guarantees?

Yes, it will be covered in an Agreement to be signed by both parties

Q: OK, I am convinced this is for me. How do I start?

A: As mentioned, we interview each client carefully before we will consider your application.

Q: What payment methods do you accept. A: Our payment processor is SKRILL. You can also pay by most of the Credit and Debit Cards of most banks through SKRILL

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Just reach out to us on SKYPE or EMAIL

SKYPE SUPPORT: davidcheng918


Remember, this is NOT a Get-Rich-Quick scheme but a valuable long term business and asset.

Honesty, Integrity And Credibility Are The Principles We Live By