List-Building To-Do’s

List-building can feel very overwhelming, especially when you’re just getting started. The key is to pick a few strategies that you can execute strongly and consistently.

The time to start building your list is TODAY – so please don’t wait weeks or months to start implementing your list-building strategies. And remember, what works for you may not work for the next person. We each have a different, unique audience – so try and adjust, try and adjust.

Below are 4 strategies for growing your email list along with some spaces for notes.

#1: Strong opt-in offer

Which is more appealing to you; “sign up for weekly updates”, or “Sign up for immediate access to xyz” or “Sign up and receive my FREE weight loss in 10 days workbook”?

A compelling offer will not only encourage people to sign up for your list, it will also give your potential customers a taste of your work which will start the relationship-building process. Make sure you state your offer clearly and in a way that will get people to think “I need to see more!!”

What is your compelling opt-in offer? Make it good! There’s too much competition out there to have a weak offer. Be bold!

#2: Social media

Whether you love social media or despise it, chances are your ideal customer is using Facebook, Pinterest and/or Twitter, therefore, you should keep a consistent presence on a couple of these platforms.

Pick 2-3 platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that you can really rock! Be sure and pick ones that your ideal customer hangs out on. Use tools like Hootsuite to pre-schedule out your tweets and posts.

Don’t be too pushy or salesy – just push out good content and engage people. I recommend pushing all your blog post headlines out to Facebook, etc. and linking back to the blog post to bring people onto your website where they will see your compelling opt-in offer.

(Note: Two key things with social media: strategy & consistency)

My Top Social Media platforms

1. _________________________________________________________________________________

2. _________________________________________________________________________________

3. _________________________________________________________________________________

#3: Consistent newsletters

It’s super easy to start building an email list, email them a couple newsletters and then drop off the face of the earth (hello, I’ve done it!), but it’s a really bad thing to do to the people who signed up to hear from you.

Send out your newsletter on a weekly basis if you can. Stay consistent. And don’t just send anything. Send QUALITY information your readers can use.

How does this help grow your list you may be asking? It helps because once people get to know you and like you (because they can rely on your weekly emails), they will share your information and tell their friends about your newsletter.

How often do I plan to send out my newsletters: ____________________________________________________________________________________


#4: Do one bold activity

This sounds kind of vague – but what you do here will be very unique to your business and your audience.

What is a bold activity? Here are some ideas – I won’t get into the details of these in this worksheet, but the goal is to get the creative juices flowing:

  • Create a digital magazine
  • Speak at a few events
  • Do 4 guest posts over the next month
  • Hold a free teleseminar and promote on social media (make sure people opt-in to get access!)
  • Do a free online workshop (similar to above)
  • Do a joint venture and offer your expertise to someone who already has a good size list

List 3 bold ideas and then pick one to execute. Why just one? Because we tend to get overwhelmed when there’s a lot on our plate. When we get overwhelmed, we don’t do anything. Pick one that you know you can execute – if you can do more, great – but start with one.

When that’s done, do the 2nd one, etc.

1. _____________________________________________________

2. _____________________________________________________

3. _____________________________________________________

Do it!

Now the key is to put a plan in action and execute. Don’t just think about – put that list-building plan in action TODAY!

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