One-On-One Coaching And Mentoring

As an aspiring Online Marketing Entrepreneur do you feel lost and lonely most of the time? Even if you are armed with the best information at hand, you are still unable to achieve the success you are looking for. To compound the problem, you may have been listening and learning from the wrong people in the case of the blind leading the blind and so-called Internet gurus that lead you in circles without any real success. I can tell you right now why you have been missing out on the success that you deserved and longed for. You don’t need a guru but you sure need…

A Coach And Mentor!

Let’s face it… 99% of people don’t work or perform well on their own. Even if they have the best information, tools, and equipment, they still need someone to show them how to use them effectively in order to maximize their results. Just like in sports, the best athlete will have a good coach and mentor working with them, guiding them, pointing out their mistakes, and improving their skills along the way to greatness. These sportsmen simply can’t achieve their level of success without a coach and mentor. Another critical area that separates success and failure is accountability. Good coaches and mentors are always around to ensure that you are accountable for your tasks and routines that are required to achieve success.

I Have Been In Your Shoes

If you identify yourself in this group of people that don’t work well on their own just like me, then you need to listen closely…

During my initial foray into the online marketing world more than 10 years ago, I was exactly in your position. I would jump from one method to another, listening to all kinds of advice from everyone in a classic case of the blind leading the blind. Then I started to learn from a few so-called gurus and in the process spent thousands of dollars with them without achieving anything. It’s a heartache to lose plenty of money along the way and made just a few dollars in return.

That continued for a couple of years until I met this 65-year-old gentleman from England by the name of John on an internet marketing forum. John was a quiet man and not one to show his success and prowess in online marketing openly. He did not sell highly expensive courses nor does he boasts about his earnings online. But in actual fact, John was a retired millionaire who has made his money from online marketing for many years. After his retirement, he spends time dishing out great online marketing tips and tutorials for those who would listen. If you were to really listen to what he has to say, you would have picked up plenty of gems along the way.

While many others were chasing after the next shiny object that comes out every minute, I took time to read all his advice and tips that he shared unselfishly on the forum. What I learned from him really opened up my eyes to the “real” world of online marketing and it completely changes my outlook on this industry completely.

I was extremely intrigued by John and promptly wrote him a message to inquire if I can learn more from him. Being the nice guy that he was, he said he can give me additional advice if I need them any time But I knew I wanted more and to be really successful, John has to be on my side. With that in mind, I approached John again and ask if he would be my private coach and mentor and if he can guide me to success.

Being in retirement, this proposal was not a priority for John because, for one, he did not need the money, and two, he did not want to commit his time to coaching me. But after some relentless pestering from me, he finally relented and we worked out a plan and strategy to take this coaching and mentoring forward.

And that was the BEST decision I ever made in my entire online marketing journey and since my coaching and mentoring with John, I have never looked back. My success online improved and I was finally able to make a very comfortable and consistent income online. I am very sure that without John’s initial coaching and mentoring back then, I would still be a struggling online marketer today with nothing to show for. John’s coaching and mentoring made ALL the difference.

He instilled in me faith, discipline, accountability, and consistency, all of which are REQUIRED for online marketing success. I particularly enjoy our fortnightly phone calls where we reviewed my work and tasks and I get to pick his brain at the same time.

And now, I want to extend this same opportunity to you. I want to offer you to work with me as your coach and mentor as John did for me years back. I know and believe that this coaching and mentoring will bring you success as it did for me.

This personal coaching will deliver to you a clear and concise understanding of affiliate marketing so that you can achieve success at a quicker pace than many others who spend years spinning their wheels trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. I will personally look over each step in the process to ensure that you have done them correctly.

I will also provide you with additional insights and knowledge that I personally use to give you even more advantages to your affiliate marketing success.


What Do You Get With This Personal One-On-One Coaching Upgrade?

Complete Authority Affiliates 2.0 training program*

Complete Passive Digital Asset Mastery 2.0 training program*

Handpicked domain

High-speed hosting

In-depth analysis of your website

Additional personal insights on traffic methods

Secret high-paying affiliate programs

16 scheduled personal SKYPE chat sessions done at your own pace

Quick response SKYPE support during support hours

Personal insights that are not made available in my courses or other training and are only reserved for coaching students

Unfair advantage to leapfrog your online marketing business to a higher level in a shorter time frame

Personal accountability to ensure your affiliate marketing success

Spending less time while earning more

And much more personal attention

Works for any niche 

* The coaching program will be based on my courses Authority Affiliates 2.0 (affiliate product review websites ) or Passive Digital Mastery 2.0 (niche content websites)

Note: Students can choose only one.

To take advantage of this unbelievable offer, you need to act quickly because coaching slots are VERY LIMITED. I must remind you that this is a TIME-SENSITIVE OFFER and I can remove it anytime. If you give this a pass, you will have to pay the full price should you decide to take up the coaching later. I am sure you already know the massive benefits of one-on-one personal coaching and I urge you not to miss this offer. If you want your success to be quick and complete. Click the UPGRADE NOW button below now before you miss it.


  • Helps you to create a successful and long-term online marketing business that you can profit from passively for years to come, even if you have not done this before
  • Unfair advantage to leapfrog your online marketing knowledge to a higher level in a shorter time frame
  • Personal accountability to ensure your affiliate marketing success
  • Spending less time while earning more
  • My personal attention to your questions and problems
  • You will have a definite plan, a definite mission, and a definite goal. You will never have to feel alone again because I will help you every step of the way

One-On-One Coaching And Mentoring

$2797/One-Time Payment


3 payments of $997 each

Important Note: – When you join my coaching program, you have access to me personally. You won’t deal with some impostor coach and you won’t be dealing with a $5/hour apprentice hired by the coach to talk to you. I will work with you personally and you’ll be given my proven strategies of success for your online business.

  • Please note that if the payment buttons are not clickable or if it is CLOSED, it means the coaching is full. Please contact me on SKYPE davidcheng918 to check if there is a recent opening.