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Are you a working professional looking for ways to supplement your income without sacrificing the stability and security of your current job? Or perhaps you are trying to build some online business that can serve as your asset when you call it quits. Are you just simply tired of living paycheck to paycheck and eager to be your own boss Then it’s time to explore the exciting and lucrative world of passive incomes!

As a professional, you bring a unique set of skills and experience to the table, making you well-suited for success in generating passive income. With the right training and resources, you can turn your passion for marketing into a profitable online business.



You are not alone. I constantly receive many emails daily from professionals just like you who would like to build an online business but continue to struggle. One of the burning questions that I got often and which has been central to this problem is   “What would I do If I were to start all over again?”. It soon dawned upon me that there are indeed many professional people who fall into this predicament and there are just as many who tried to build an online business fall into an abyss of failure despite putting in their best efforts. It also reminded me of how I went through these same struggles when I first started on my own journey.

When I first started, I dabbled into every online business that I could get my hands on. It was a nonstop affair trying out various methods from cheap $7 courses to high-ticket training that ran into the thousands.

Looking back, I still wondered why did I make my life so complicated and overwhelmed myself with all these so-called systems, loopholes, hacks, and whatnot,

If I could start all over again and build a REAL and PROFITABLE online business, I will not be taking that scenic route ever again.

Instead, I will just focus 100% of my efforts on one single thing and that is building a profitable passive income niche content website.


A niche content website is a valuable digital asset. Unlike other forms of online business, a niche content website gets better over time, the longer it is online, the better it gets and the revenue keeps increasing. In addition, a niche content website has the following advantages:

A niche content website is designed to serve a specific target audience, making it easier to reach and engage with the right people.

By focusing on a specific niche, a content website can often differentiate itself from the competition and establish itself as an authority in the industry.

A niche content website has access to monetization opportunities that are specific to its niches, such as affiliate programs, sponsored content, and product sales.

Content websites can generate revenue through advertising, such as displaying ads on the website or through sponsored content.

A focused and passionate audience in a niche market can lead to higher engagement and interaction on the website, providing more opportunities to build a community and generate leads.

By focusing on a specific niche, a niche content website can build a stronger brand identity and establish itself as a trusted source of information for its target audience.


I am proud to introduce my flagship training program Passive Digital Asset Mastery 2.0 which teaches you how to create and grow your passive income content websites to become a valuable digital asset. This guide is designed specifically for professionals like yourself who are looking for an additional source of income and who would like to invest in their future. My guide covers everything from the basics of building a content website to advanced techniques for growing and scaling your business. You’ll also have access to exclusive resources and support.

With my training guide, you’ll have the tools and knowledge you need to start generating passive income and building your wealth, all while maintaining the stability and security of your job.

This is a fundamentally sound and powerful training program that shows you in a step-by-step way through over-the-shoulder video tutorials and checklists. This training uses unique strategies that I have perfected over a number of years. You learn systematically and clearly how to become wildly successful in creating such passive income websites even if you have not done it before. There are no fluffs, no 200 hours of videos, no 100 hours of audio, and 1000 pages of PDF of instructions. Instead, you will be guided by a series of clear and actionable videos and accompanying checklists and instructions that will deliver a clear and concise understanding of the whole process. You will achieve success at a quicker pace than many others who spend years spinning their wheels trying to figure out what works and what does not.

You will not be overwhelmed because everything is done in a systematic and step-by-step way with nothing left to guesswork. Passive Digital Asset Mastery 2.0 covers all the proven techniques and methodology that uses a strong fundamental system to ensure that your website will be a roaring success. There are no padded information, no inefficient steps, and no guesswork.  Also, this training shows you several easy and creative monetization platforms that you can use to make money. You can stop figuring everything out for yourself or what works and what does not because Passive Digital Asset Mastery 2.0 is the master blueprint that shows you all you need to know.


Clarity and niche research

Intelligent Domain Selection

Topics and keyword research

Structuring your website

Themes And Plugins Guide

Building your list

Content mastery

Organic traffic, SEO, and backlinks

Social marketing

Monetization methods

Growing and outsourcing

And much more


  • You are looking for a long-term profitable and passive online business
  • You are prepared to follow the training in this program and put in some work
  • You have a strong passion to make money online
  • You do not want an online business that requires you to stare at your computer screen for 10 hours a day while making peanuts
  • You want a simple straight forward and proven business model that can withstand the test of time and flourish
  • You are ready to start using your time in an efficient way while building an online business
  • You do not want to jump from course to course, trying to figure out which course is right for you.
  • You are tired of getting a single paycheck from your company every month
  • You want to be able to quit your 9-5 and the corporate grind in the future
  • You are looking for an EASY TO FOLLOW program with no fluff and all value
  • You are looking to create a second stream of income.
  • You want to start building your nest egg so that you can retire comfortably
  • You want an asset that you can sell in the future for 20x-30x of the monthly income
  • You have been through other courses and programs but achieved dismal results
  • You have worked with trainers and coaches in the past that cares about their image more than you.
  • You want to enjoy freedom in your retirement by owning a valuable passive income digital asset


The Complete Passive Digital Asset Mastery 2.o Training Course

Value $997

Over The Shoulder Video Tutorials

Useful tutorials where you learn the training from my point of view

Value $997

Checklists For Quick And Easy Reference

These PDF checklists come in handy when you want to recall what you have learned

Value $197

Personal Email Support

You get full access to my support via my personal email

Unlimited Value

Total real value = > $2000

But today you only pay…


One Time Payment Of $197

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What other people have to say about this training

Daniel Leighton

Rated 5 out of 5
January 5, 2023

David has a great deal of expertise and is a pleasant person to be around. He was familiar with affiliate marketing from the beginning. He’s also been incredibly patient in answering all of my inquiries. The website was great and has since grown steadily. Would not have gotten anything off the ground without his help.

Daniel Leighton, North Dakota


Rated 5 out of 5
January 2, 2022

I had a vision, and David had a solution. He’s a genius. This course is really well-structured and well-presented.


Very Helpful

Rated 5 out of 5
December 1, 2021

David was a pleasure to work with, and the final product was excellent. There were multiple hiccups (my own mistake), but he was always willing to wait for my modifications and work with me to have the site finished as quickly as possible. Great job on the communication. I have already referred David to a number of my friends and family members.


I have made sales

Rated 5 out of 5
July 7, 2020

After taking up the training a few weeks back, I have made 2 website sales… Thanks David

Lee J. Robinson

Worth $300

Rated 5 out of 5
July 7, 2020

This training’s price is unjustied for the amount content it provides and should easily be priced at the $300 range.

Ronald Crawford


Rated 5 out of 5
July 1, 2020

No one ever told me that building websites is profitable. This training has really opened up my eyes to the possibilites. And the price is ridiculously low for such as through training.

Christopher Johnson


Rated 5 out of 5
June 12, 2020

I bought the course 6 months back and have several website sales and I am really happy about it. Never made a dime till I bought this course.

John Wilson

Great Stuff

Rated 5 out of 5
June 7, 2020

Before this course, I was always how people are profiting from selling websites. Now thanks to this course, it’s all very clear and I am sure I will profit too.

William Staples

Very Thorough

Rated 5 out of 5
May 22, 2020

I have bought my fair share of courses but this one is top notch. Clear videos and checklists makes the training easy to follow.

Ronald Leyva

Step By Step And Clear

Rated 5 out of 5
February 16, 2020

Never have I come across a training that is so clear and thorough and actionable. Most pther course just brush through everything but not this one.

Peter Martz

Valuable Training

Rated 5 out of 5
February 15, 2020

David always gives such amazing value and goes the extra mile in helping me set up. He is a very genuine coach and I love working with him

Sarah Penton

Real Value

Rated 5 out of 5
February 2, 2020

I purchased training just last month and have to say that I am very impressed. The coaching format and information is so organized and in-depth that gave me so much confidence to finally build my authority blog. Thank you David.

Dorotha Miller, AK

Totally New

Rated 5 out of 5
January 23, 2020

I was so reluctant to jump onboard this training because being a corporate guy, this is new territory to me. Due to the reasonable price and the personal coaching support, I decided to give it a go. No regrets whatsover because it opens up my yes into what is possible in the world of blogging that I never see in my line of work.

Rickey E. Arndt


Rated 5 out of 5
January 23, 2020

The past 1 year has been super amazing for me as David’s training was something different. It was systematic and easy to understand and he has personally stepped in to help me when I have difficulty in some areas. Needless to say, it has been a wonderful affiliate marketing journey for me and a financially rewarding adventure. Thanks David!

Tyler Marks, Wisconsin

Blew Me Away

Rated 5 out of 5
January 12, 2020

This training is packed with so much information to guide me to build my successful blog. But the best thing is that is is not overwhelming because the teaching style is clear and systematic. Thanks!

Christopher N.

Completed 2 Websites

Rated 5 out of 5
January 6, 2020

I have been wanting to get my feet wet in internet marketing but never got around to actually starting a website. The major problem I faced was the lack of understanding and also the courage to move forward. I came across David’s program sometime last year and I am happy to say that I have now completed 2 websites with a steady flow of income from both of them

Alexander Bruce, Manchester, UK

I purchased this course

Rated 5 out of 5
December 18, 2019

I purchased this course about two weeks ago, and finally made my first sale online, the training is very modern and very detailed, can not fault it in anyway or form, if you are sitting on the fence with this offer well i tell you don’t David is very professional and has 1 on 1 coaching, anything i did not understand he explained to me in full detail as he goes out of his way to help, so don’t sit on the fence, take action like i did and start making profits in 2020 if i can do it anyone can, thanks to David my mentor…

Wayne Cosgrove, Australia

My Kind Of Training

Rated 5 out of 5
December 15, 2019

Being overwhelmed with tons of information has been my problem since I started internet marketing but this training has been a life saver as it virtually holds your hand and lead you from start to finish. Well done David!

Thomas S. Romine

Best Decision

Rated 5 out of 5
November 19, 2019

I was not one to be easily swayed by internet makreting programs especially one that has a high price tag but I decided to join David’s coaching after a recommendation from a friend. That was probably the best decision I have made in a long time because David’s coaching is systematic and easy to understand. And his response to my endless questions is top notch!

Denny D. Cuccia, LA

Leap Of Faith

Rated 5 out of 5
October 23, 2019

I was on the fence about working with David because I am not sure of affiliate marketing is for me but I decided to take a leap of faith and give it a go. It was the best decision that I have made in a long time and now I am working towards my own 4-figure income and will reach that goal soon.

Brad Lester, South Africa

Passive Digital Asset Mastery 2.0 Training Course


One Time Payment Of $197

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Passive Digital Asset Mastery 2.0 Training At A Glance

Training Level

Beginner To Intermediate


Income replacing passive income

Course Length

Self Pace – Lifetime access to contents

Course Format

Over the shoulder videos, guides, worksheets, checklists, eMail support

What is it?

It is a comprehensive training course that teaches you how to go from zero to a building a profitable passive income niche content website


Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to learn how to earn a comfortable passive income. It works for anyone regardless of previous knowledge or experience.

How does it work?

Just follow the clear step-by-step instructions, watch the training videos, utilize the guides, checklists, and use the software tools. Follow the system and enjoy success.

When does it start?

The training starts immediately after you enrolled. You learn and study at your own pace because you have lifetime access to all the training materials.

Why does this training exists?

I created this training because most of the current courses that exist out there on the same subject are too difficult to follow especially for beginners. These very expensive courses contain an avalanche of information such as 200 hours of videos, 1000 hours of audios, countless guides, an unorganized course format, and unclear goals. On the other hand, my training utilizes step by step short and concise over-the-shoulder training videos, systematic, clear and action oriented instructions without overwhelming the students. And anyone who uses this training will have a clear and complete road-map to reach their income goals.

So what are you waiting for? Take control of your financial future and start your journey in building your passive digital asset today. Invest in the future of business and technology with our comprehensive guide and training. Get instant access and start your journey to success now!


Passive Digital Asset Mastery 2.0 Training Course


One Time Payment Of $197

Payment opens in a new tab


P/S: This offer is only available for a limited time and may be discontinued at any moment without prior notice.