Using Social Media Platforms for Affiliate Marketing

In today’s day and age, social media platforms are widely used across the world to fulfill all kinds of purposes. Similarly, the use of social media for affiliate marketing is also all too common. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to use it to earn an income online.

How is Social Media used for Affiliate Marketing?

Social Media has established virtual networks worldwide amongst all users on it. It has provided a link amongst all of them to share information, images, videos, ideas, and all kinds of other content. Affiliate marketing on social media usually makes use of these already existing links that interact and communicate with one another. Participation for affiliate marketers on social media is generally done by creating content with text, images, videos, or any other form of content that is made available to people worldwide on the web within seconds.

How can Affiliate Marketing be Effective through Social Media:

Before you start using social media for affiliate marketing, you need to strategize and come up with viable methods that will let you use social media effectively for your marketing campaigns. Here are some tips to make it easy for you:

  • Redirect Links are Important:

A lot of people opt out of clicking on a raw affiliate URL because it doesn’t look very user-friendly and is often un-welcoming. This is why a raw affiliate URL turned in to a click-friendly redirect link is likely to get more clicks at the same time as a raw affiliate URL, which is also probably why it is one of the strongest methods of turning your marketing into a successful campaign.

  • Content Quality should be above par:

As previously discussed, what kind of content you create makes or breaks your marketing campaign. Boring content is less likely to attract users, while simpler, honest and more effective content is likely to bring in more readers. On social media, rather than constantly promoting products and services, but more of your effort into creating great content to engage your audience and let them enjoy it.

  • Promoted Offers should be of High Quality:

Promoting an offer of very high quality is likely to make your experience using social media for marketing better. It is a very powerful strategy as there is nothing to lose with it. You, as the marketer, get a good amount of commission if the sale is successful, the buyer gets a good quality product, and the creator of the product gets to sell it and earn money, which means ultimately everyone wins in the end.

  • Link Images to Affiliate Links:

This is also a very effective method of using social media for affiliate marketing. It is no secret that images attract clicks by users. Link your affiliate link with a screenshot of the product you are promoting, which means you can directly show the customers what the product you’re marketing looks like. This can pique their interest and make them understand the product better.

Which Social Media Platforms to Use for Affiliate Marketing?

Just as much as you need to know how to use social media for affiliate marketing, you also need to know which social media platforms you must be focusing on for it. For this, you will need to understand who your target audience is and which social media they use most frequently.

The three most commonly used social media platforms are:

  • Facebook:

Facebook is probably the most popular social media platform on the internet today. It has over 1.5 billion users daily and has the widest reach amongst all other social media platforms. It is perhaps the most important channel for your affiliate marketing. Make sure you have a business page for your affiliate marketing so you can easily keep a record of it, and when you’re sharing affiliate links, don’t share them too often and keep a few.


Twitter is again one of the most widely used social media platforms and has over 126 million users daily. It is a good way to share news frequently to a large audience and supports up to 40 languages with its wide audience worldwide. However, the content on Twitter is continually changing which is why you need to be up to speed and should not tweet less than at least ten times a day if you want to stay relevant, and as hashtags are a powerful tool on Twitter, make sure you make use of them as well.

  • Instagram:

Instagram is also amongst one of the most popular social media platforms and has over 1 billion users per month and over 500 million daily. Since it has no text limit, you can explain your affiliate marketing product in detail on Instagram. However, as you cannot share links on it, it becomes a little bit more challenging than other platforms. But you can add a link to your profile, which is what almost everyone on Instagram does.

Thus, Social Media plays a vital role when it comes to affiliate marketing, and not only should you know how to use it, you should also know which platforms you should be using to make your marketing campaigns the most effective.