Video Marketing For Success

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Getting Started With Video Marketing

Chapter 3. The Video Marketing Platforms You Should Know

Chapter 4. Free And Paid Video Marketing Software

Chapter 5. Video Marketing Equipment You Should Own

Chapter 6. How To Add Captions/Subtitles To Your Videos

Chapter 7. Brand Awareness Video Ideas You Can Use

Chapter 8. How To Get More Traffic To Your Videos

Chapter 9. 5 Secrets To Successful Video Marketing

Chapter 10. Where Is Video Marketing Heading?

Chapter 11. Why Video Marketing Is Important For Your Business

Chapter 1. Introduction

Video Marketing Domination

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is a library.” In a world that is constantly progressing with the advancement of technology, marketing has also changed with the ever-changing dynamics. This report that I have written is purely reflective of how videos have changed the marketing game hence the reference forth putting how impactful videos can be. The visual aspect of life has always attracted the human eye and mind, imagine how enticed a human is when he sees a video that consists of visualization and sound.

The goal of the market world has always been made to entice and attract, and the use of videos has doubled those odds. All Video marketing requires is a drive, some strive, and a little guidance, and you will most likely get the hang of it. This report is simply meant to make you learn, grow, and embrace the guidance given to you. Always remember it doesn’t take a genius to grasp the concept of Video Marketing.

Once you utilize the reigns I have provided you; there’s no stopping you from dominating the Video Marketing world. Just imagine that 5 billion videos are watched daily on YouTube, try to visualize the impact that videos make on an audience. Once you have a grasp or hold over an audience, they fall under the category of potential customers.

With the right information and steps, video marketing can help you reach and achieve your goals, which is why this report exists to help you.

Chapter 2

Getting Started With Video Marketing

Whether you are just starting or you’re just struggling, you need to understand the concept of perfecting your basics. The gist of getting started is to learn the basics of video marketing. The basics always ground and base a marketer of which you can always improvise and be creative with the way you utilize your basics. This is the beauty behind learning your basics in Video Marketing.

The Power Behind Planning

Remember always to plan your work and work your plan if you want to dominate video marketing. You don’t want to just step into an unknown battleground with no backup. To simply put it, all you need to know is what you’re getting yourself into and how you can back yourself up. With the hectic life of a video marketer, you are going to want to find a balance to keep up, which is why planning comes into the picture.

Figure out the content you’re going to work with, your budget, your equipment, and, last but not least, your schedule. If you are to measure your growth, you have to track your progress, which is why planning is of the essence in a successful video marketer’s world. Remember to make sure your plans are always specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound if you want to achieve domination in the Video market.

Anticipate Your Target Audience

When it comes to making a compelling video, you have to make sure it has an impact. How does one create an impact within their video content? You simply need to understand the audience you are targeting. No matter how good your content is, you need to target a specific audience if you want to leave an impact.

For example, a 60-year-old is less likely to be enticed by a video game trailer rather than a 16-year-old. By understanding your audience, you unlock the key to creating the right video as you have the right idea of the video format, the content you are going to use, and the way you signal a message.

This enables you to set a clear message which will entice and attract the right audience into becoming potential customers or loyal followers.

Figuring Out Your Platforms

Are you sometimes confused as you can’t figure out where you want to publish your videos? Moreover, with the advancement of social media, there’s more than one platform of social media. All you need to do is figure out which platform suits you.

Now, as confusing as it is, the advancement of social media helps marketers extend their reach. You can always market on all social media platforms, but it’s always better to use platforms that target your audience specifically. Some platforms have different systems and methods of video sharing, so you have to consider that by researching the platforms you want to work with.

However, the usual platforms are:

  • YouTube

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Your website

  • TikTok

If you’re just starting, it would be better to start with just one platform until you feel like you can expand and grow by using other platforms. Just always take your target audience and marketing goals into consideration before you work with a platform.

The Right Setup

There’s good content, and then there’s qualitative content. No matter how good your content is, you need to provide quality as a marketer. For example, a viewer is less likely to enjoy good content at 240p than at 720p; therefore, quality always leaves a good impression. Now how does one provide good quality? Get the right tools and the right setup. You need to budget and see what you can afford as you are going to need a camera/smartphone, a tripod, and editing software.

Not to mention the correct lighting and background is a reflection of quality content. Get a lighting system that follows the key light, backlight, and fill light system to eliminate shadows and provide primary illumination. This is therefore bound to provide an appeal to the audience as there is a visual appeal in your content if you make sure you have the right setup.

Understand And Embrace SEO

Before starting up any form of online marketing or if you’re struggling, you might want to take a look into the use of SEO. Search Engine Optimization is one of the best practices of getting your content across and its free exposure! You need to understand that for taking the full advantage of optimization, you need to work on your tags, titles, and video descriptions.

How do you work on them, though? You need to understand the keyword system. To simplify it, you need to use trending, and most searched keywords in your titles and tags for more chances of your content being searched. You can always use Google to help you figure out what keywords are trending in titles, or you can use third-party tools meant for keyword searches.

But most importantly, you need to add your touch of creativity by making your titles eye- catching, your tags relevant, and accurate video description. By utilizing SEO, you make it more likely to reach a good amount of viewers as you have more chances of getting your content found, which may lead to new followers and potential customers.

The Impact of Ads

At the start of most marketing ideas, marketers always make sure that their content gets promoted to the fullest. What’s a better way other than using the power of Advertisements to spread your content across? As a marketer, you will want to benefit organically and through paid Traffic. The idea is to maximize the number of potential viewers.

Every successful Marketer devotes more time to promoting than selling. Utilize Ads on platforms that target your audience and you will be bound to find new followers. As a video marketer that is just getting started, you will want to make your first attempt to go as viral as you possibly can, and advertising can help make that happen.

Chapter 3

The Video Marketing Platforms You Should Know

It’s no secret that every Marketer needs some form of a platform to extend their reach and get their message across. This is why a video marketer needs to know about the various platforms. You need to keep up with what’s trending and utilize a platform that targets your audience, specifically if you want to dominate video marketing.


Known as the 2nd most powerful search engine on the internet, YouTube is a phenomenal platform for a video marketer. With almost 5 billion videos watched on the daily and the use of YouTube advertisements, a marketer has a high chance of making it big.

However, you have to work on the way you form titles, tags, and video descriptions. The key to free exposure is within optimization, as you can use keywords that might just increase your chances of getting your video promoted on the search panel, video suggestions, and the YouTube homepage.

Just don’t forget that it requires interaction and engagement within the content if you want to attract the YouTube audience and dominate the video market.


Facebook has been around for a long time, and it is one of the most used social media platforms, with over 8 billion users. It has evolved into a huge platform and has often been seen to be used by many businesses for marketing.

The diversity in the Facebook world extends the maximization of getting content across. However, it works best for businesses that make their videos and brand outstanding with the color, themes, and images that you might post. You want to give a good impression so that viewers are more likely to view your videos.

Marketers that produce good content with quality are more likely to get good views on Facebook, just be sure to leave a good caption to catch your audience’s attention.

Furthermore, tagging other people or valued customers can always extend your contents reach. If followed correctly, Facebook can be a good outlet for a video marketer.


TikTok is one of the platforms on the tip of most people’s tongues. Most importantly, it is seen as a platform with massive potential for marketing. With more than 800 million users, the platform also targets teens up to adults aged 30. So it has a very direct target audience. If your content is reflective of the audience’s requirements on TikTok, you may very well thrive as a video marketer.

Furthermore, you can work with other influencers and pay TikTok to advertise your content, which seems like an ideal platform for a video marketer. It may not be seen as a market yet, but the potential it holds to promote content is immense for a marketer.


When you have influencers like Gary Vee saying that Snapchat is the next big platform for marketing, it makes you think. With over 229 million users and users usually aged 13 to 35, it makes it easier for targeting a specific audience.

Snapchat works in a way that your content fills the user’s screen, so you can easily grip the attention of the user. Each video lasts 10 seconds; however, you can use stories that just limit you to 10-second scenes, meaning you can have continuous videos that last for 24 hours.

This platform personalizes your work by showing a behind the scenes vibe. It helps keep your audience updated continuously, which leaves a good impression on your audience.


Without a doubt, Instagram is very in with celebrities and other major businesses. It consists of 1 billion active users, and it’s all about that visual aspect with a level of aesthetic and artistic creativity.

Instagram can be a mixture of pictures and videos that last about 60 seconds. However, when it comes to marketing, you can further make use of hashtags and captions, which can categorize your videos and possibly upload your videos to the Instagram search page, which can increase your chances of your content being found.

You are also granted the options of disappearing stories and IGTV, which allows you to have longer videos. So you can keep your audience up to date, and you can also tease them with other content or products which further entice them.

This platform can be very useful for a marketer if used correctly with the help of keywords, quality content, and regular posting as it extends the reach of your video marketing.


LinkedIn may not be well known as a social media platform, but it very much is a form of social media meant for interacting and engaging. The only difference is, it is mainly used for professionals and the business world to communicate and develop relationships.

LinkedIn is a significant platform in the marketing world that can get you to interact with other businesses and influencers of which they can always share and help support you, once you establish a relationship. You can also target a specific audience and have more chances of communicating with potential clients and customers.

Just remember to create 30-second videos with subtitles and topical hashtags. Always try to be engaging and make sure your viewers have a reason to stay. LinkedIn can help broaden a video marketer’s world if they utilize it correctly, which will help increase their marketing horizon.

Chapter 4

Free And Paid Video Marketing Software

When it comes to marketing, you need to show your best. Good content is great, but you know what makes good content excellent? Good content made with quality.

Whether you are starting or you’re in the middle of video marketing, always make sure you make your videos look their best with software.

If you’re starting, you can always use the free versions of software until you finally get the hang of software use, then maybe you can progress onto paid software versions.

The following are free versions of Video Marketing Software:


When it comes to marketing like video marketing, you require the use of tools like software used to make your marketing life easier and to make sure your work is done. Clipchamp is the type of software that makes it easier for you to upload, record, and share your video content on any browser. It can help you directly upload to Google or your YouTube Channel.

Furthermore, you can compress and convert videos in-browser, all while using simple drag and drop tools to upload videos. You can also webcam record in-browser while the converter compresses the video into a small file to enable faster uploads and easy distribution. Clipchamp is offered with three plans, of which the basic plan is free with five video uploads a month and 5 minute webcam recording time. The other plans are business and enterprise, whereby you have to pay monthly to access the software fully.


A video marketer has to have a way to create their videos, which is why a tool like Renderforest helps make that happen. It is an online video creation platform that is free in its basic plan. It is easy and simple to use and grants you’re the features of saving your work, which can be accessed anytime. Furthermore, it offers about 300 templates for video making, and you can customize your very own video template to personalize your videos.

Lastly, you can publish videos to YouTube and further edit them offline. To access this tool fully and experience other features, you can pay for other packages starting at $49 a month.


Yes, video marketing is super important, but what do you do about the videos to make sure it meets your audience’s requirements. When it comes to the editing, recording, and uploading of your videos, you need a software like Soapbox. It’s a tool that is a chrome extension, and it is free. You can record yourself on a webcam while it helps show the combination of voice form from the microphone and the video from the webcam.

You may also share your videos in a few clicks with the use of Soapbox, and most importantly, you can work on your video thumbnails as well. You can save your work in a video gallery when you’re done, and you can even work in a split-screen mode to multi-task. However, if you want to up the ante, you can always pay their yearly fee of

$300 to experience their advanced software.

The following are paid versions of Video Marketing software:

Adobe Premier Pro CC

When it comes to the best of the best, Adobe gives other software a run for their money. This is the type of software that makes you decide whether you’re serious about video making or not. You can directly upload it to YouTube from this software. It is a diverse and versatile software that can allow you to edit videos in 360 or VR. It’s a software that is constantly getting better and helps maintain graphics, effects, and color matching, all while you can multi-task other projects.

There’s a diverse assortment of stackable audio and various video filters. You can also work on your audio separately and make it better by reducing noise and making sure that the background audio doesn’t drown out dialog. To be very honest, these are only the basic positives of the software, and it has a long list; however, state of the art software does not come cheap. The single app requires $20.99/ month, whereas all apps require 49.94/month.

Apple Final Cut Pro X

This fine state of the art software is limited to all Mac owners, and it holds a reputation for doing a good job for video editors. This software competes with Adobe as it has made it pay once fee, which makes it cheaper than Adobe and other software if you work on videos regularly. It works well and ranges itself as you can upload videos directly on YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.

It can support 360 and VR videos, and you are offered a huge selection of effects. It also categorizes each thing you work on in your videos like dialog, music, effects, etc. Apple Final Cut Pro X unanimously gives you value for your money as it is an onetime

fee. It ranges from $8.95- $299 and is worth it if you are serious about video shooting and are regular.

Chapter 5

Video Marketing Equipment You Should Own

If you’re stuck on deciding what to do to start your video marketing career or you just simply feel like you lack something, you might want to think about your equipment. It’s pretty odd, but people often can’t wrap their head around on the simplest of aspects that is your equipment. But fret no longer as this report is here to guide you and help you figure your equipment out.

Starting Simple With A Smartphone

It’s amazing how fast technology continues to advance that some people don’t always have to get a camera to start photography or videography. You can always start with a smartphone as a beginner in video marketing as Smartphones nowadays have the same quality as some of the cameras we use.

Even if you have a proper camera, you can always use your phone as a backup to capture some footage when you don’t have your camera. It further allows you and your team to create and share videos quickly as we always have our phones on us. Even if you’re just starting with a smartphone, don’t worry, everyone has their start, just make sure you have a tripod and an external microphone, and you will be good to go.

Up Your Game With A DSLR Camera

Sooner or later, every Video marketer invests in a DSLR camera as the need and requirement grow with the content you have to cover. It’s the perfect equipment for establishing quality content, and you end up dealing in high definition content, which creates an instant appeal to an audience. All you have to do is form a budget, and I’m sure you will be able to get the right one for yourself.

Remember that content will always be king, and that is why every video marketer needs to invest in DSLR as soon as they possibly can. But always keep one thing in mind, you don’t need to own a fancy camera to get the best content, so keep practicing and experiment here and there till you get the hang of it.

Sturdy Goes Your Tripod

This is an extremely key point factor in stabilization. This equipment is vital in changing you from a shaky amateur to a master in quality content production. An unstable

camera gives instant dissatisfaction to your audience because nobody likes shaky videos. No matter how good your content is, always remember to get yourself a tripod.

They’re pretty affordable and are going for like $15 on Amazon. A tripod stabilizes your camera and is resistant to movement. Remember, a steady camera is always going to increase your videos appeal and production value. Who knows, it could be the one factor you’re missing in creating quality content.

Lighting Is Key

If appealing to your audience is your priority, then you need to know that lighting is significant in creating videos. The right light instantly gives off an attractive setting and makes your video look ten times better. Besides, everything looks different on camera, and even the most insignificant things like shadows become so vital in the look of your video. This is why you need to fill your shadows up with light.

Remember, shadows always give off a cynical look, and as a video marketer, your goal is to look as vibrant and lit as possible. If you’re starting as a video marketer, it would be wise for you to buy some reflectors off of Amazon, which cost around $20 and maybe a strong light. When you establish yourself and get serious in making videos, you can always buy a proper lighting setup in your studio.

The Importance Of Audio

A lot of people don’t realize this at the moment, but the audio is exceptionally vital when it comes to video making. The clarity in your audio allows you to spread your message across clearly. If you’re using a camera or a webcam, it would be wise to get yourself an external microphone dependent on the content you’re working on.

Good audio always intensifies the appeal and understanding of your audience, and you need to make sure that your audio is on point. You can always use some video editing software to help your audio sound ten times better by reducing some unnecessary sounds and preventing the drowning out of the dialog.

Backup In The Form Of An External Hard Drive

You know how a soldier goes to the battleground when he knows he has a backup; that’s how you need to treat an external hard drive as a video marketer. This equipment is pretty significant in storing, protecting, and dealing with tons of gigabytes.

The idea is to reduce the chances of your files corrupting after a day of recording because chances are, you’re keeping your files on a memory card or your phone’s library. Hard drives further allow you to transfer massive files quickly and effectively

from your computer to another. Therefore having this piece of equipment is a must for a video marketer.

Chapter 6

How To Add Captions/Subtitles To

Your Videos

This process is one of the most important and vital processes in the development of making a good content video into a good quality one. Always remember that the best quality is more likely to attract the audience, whether you have bad content or good content. Furthermore, captions always grant you the ability to spread your message in a much clearer way, which always leaves a good impression on the audience.

The Online Video Platforms That Allow Captions

  • YouTube

  • Wister

  • Vimeo

The Social Media Platforms That Allow Captions

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Tiktok

  • Snapchat

  • Instagram

Video Editing Software For Adding Captions

  • Adobe Premier Pro

  • Final Cut Pro

  • iMovie

  • Camtasia

  • QuickTime

  • Handbrake

How To Add Captions

One of the quickest and most effective ways of adding captions/ subtitles to videos is through a captioning service. All you have to do is send the edited video, and they will do the rest. However, you can always add the captions yourself. The following steps will help you in setting up the captions by yourself.

  1. Transcribe Video

In this process, you have to watch your video and transcribe the video. The basic idea is to time the way you caption and listen to the important audio cues in the video. The main idea is to time it perfectly, or else it may confuse your audience when uploaded with badly timed captions. You, therefore, have to make your transcriptions as accurately as possible before you move on to the next phase.

  1. Making an.SRT File

You have to save your file as a.SRT file which is the universal file for making and composing captions. This file is also mainly accepted by platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

  1. Upload The Final Video

Before uploading the video, most sites will grant you the ability to double-check your video. The idea is to double-check all the errors and make sure that everything is perfect. In the end, you can upload your video. Always take extra time to prove the accuracy as all audiences prefer quality content.

Why Are Captions/ Subtitles So Important?

  1. Help Get More Views

When you start using captions more frequently, you begin to script your videos to make it sound ten times better and to make captioning easier. The idea is to make use of the caption by upload it as a transcript in the video description. This, therefore, helps platforms like YouTube get a better understanding of what your video is all about, and it can impact the algorithm into categorizing your videos.

You can further extract keywords from the description, which can help in the optimization of your video as you can use it in tags. This, therefore, increases the chances of the algorithm in recognizing your video and making it more accessible to users on the homage, search panel, and suggestions.

  1. Encourages Engagement

Captions increase view time by 12% if 80% of users are more likely to finish a video that has captions. This, therefore, increases engagement with your audience as they are more likely to comment when captions are used, according to research. This is why captions play a role in the engagement of an audience.

  1. Increases Accessibility

When I say accessibility, I refer to the people who can’t understand a specific language and for disabled people who are deaf and dumb. The use of captions, therefore, makes it more accessible to users of which you can get more views and leave a good impression on people.

  1. Maximizes SEO

When it comes to caption use, you may get your captioning done by a professional service that eventually gives you a transcript. Now algorithms can’t watch your videos; however, they can look into your tags and your description, which is where the transcript comes in handy. If you add the transcript in the description, there is a likely chance of

the system understanding the context of the video, which will allow the ranking of your video. This, therefore, makes it easier for viewers to find your videos, and you have a better chance of getting your video spread across.

Chapter 7

Brand Awareness Video Ideas You Can Use

We all have our days of being trapped in a creative block, and besides, a couple of new ideas wouldn’t hurt. These video ideas have been seen to be a success and are used continuously by leading video marketers to increase the growth of their brand awareness. Hopefully, these video ideas will help you come up with some improvised and creative brand awareness videos.

Behind The Scenes And Meet The Team

You know that feeling of getting invited into the kitchen of a restaurant after having an amazing meal. Similarly, just contemplate that feeling and compare it with how your subscribers will feel when they meet your team through your videos. This video idea is an elite method that can spread your company priority across, and it leaves a good impression as your audience feels more connected with your brand.

It further leads to an increased level of trust, and they feel more than satisfied knowing that they are in good hands. Furthermore, behind the scenes and meeting, the team can be added as some very entertaining video content that is bound to sit well with your audience. Last but not least, it screams out your brand name and what could be better brand awareness than representing your company through a video.

Entice Your Audience With New Product Features

What could be better brand awareness than uploading a video solely based on your brands’ products? Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and just experience how they would feel if they get a product review before it is even released or if it has just been released. It’s just smart marketing as you are granted the ability to further tease your audience into wanting to buy your products.

The idea further strengthens the concept of brand awareness as it is self-promotion as you can have a team member explain and use the product in the video. Your audience also trusts your company as the video shows a good response to how the product works. Furthermore, the brand awareness of your company is increased, especially since so many tunes into online streaming services just to get an idea of a product.

Compare Other Products

You know what’s better than a new product feature is a video that compares two products. It kind of feels like a friendly rumble between the two as there is a comparison factor. That very dramatic effect is what entices an audience to take a look.

Furthermore, your audience is satisfied as the video further helps them to decide which product would best suit them. The helpful factor will always leave a good impression on your audience as a level of trust is formed with your company.

Besides, product-based videos show that your company isn’t hiding its products, which leads to a strong brand awareness presence in the marketing world. Not to mention it further saves your customer service team a lot of time as the video can easily educate your customers.

Make Your Milestones Known

If you ever want to spread your message as far across as possible, be confident and take pride in the milestone of your cross. Whether you just got to 50,000 subscribers or you reached 100,000 views, always make it known. You need to create a strong presence that makes it know to your audience that your brand exists, and it is laying its foundation.

By sharing your progress, you make your customers and subscribers feel like they’re a part of the family as they helped make it happen. A customer that feels like they’re a part of the team is a customer that will always be loyal. Sharing the love is always a good way to heighten brand awareness, and it will further lead to a lot of impressed viewers, new and old.

The Beauty Behind The Collaboration

If you are looking to make a dent in the brand awareness department, you are going to want to visualize and embrace the concept of collaboration. The ability to partner with other video marketers is a major benefit when it comes to brand awareness.

The stronger your ideas and relationships are with other influencers, marketers, and other companies, the more likely you are to get a good image. Furthermore, collaborations can always add to instant promotion as an influencer can always support your product and can further introduce your brand to their audience. So if you want to make a difference in brand awareness, you should collaborate as it benefits both sides.

Introduce Challenges And Humor

A positive and healthy way to initiate some good old engagement and happy smiles from your audience is by introducing some challenges. The beauty of the internet is that there are always random challenges appearing out of the blue, and your company can

always benefit from this. By introducing these challenges and leaving the chance of winning a prize or receiving a giveaway, it can leave an audience going wild.

Just be sure to keep them entertained with a bit of humor, and you will be golden. This method will further help flock in more viewers, which means more brand awareness as your product is the prize or giveaway. Therefore having a challenge here and there is a good initiative in the brand awareness department.

Chapter 8

How To Get More Traffic To Your Videos

The goal of every successful video marketer is to boost the amount of Traffic that views their videos. This report is a reflection of how you can improve the amount of Traffic that your videos receive. A bit of guidance and acting upon wouldn’t hurt the number of viewers that you usually receive, so hopefully, this report will help you maximize and be successful.

The Power Of Thumbnails

It’s no secret that the first thing a viewer sees before they decide on clicking on to your video is the thumbnail. That very image is the very factor that leads to the appeal and attraction of your videos to your audience. It doesn’t take rocket science for one to understand that they need to work on their thumbnails if they want to increase more Traffic on their videos.

All you need to make sure of is that you use an interesting thumbnail, suit the context of your content and that it has eye-catching keyword edits in it. Try your best to make it colorful so that it stands out from most videos. That visual aspect is very important if you want a viewer to focus on the thumbnail, which will eventually lead them to view your video. This unanimously generates and diverts a lot of traffic to your videos.

Working On Your Titles

Just as it is important to work on your thumbnails, it is just as important to work on your video titles. You might even call it the final touch in getting viewers to view your video. It holds the same appeal and attraction as the thumbnail does, except it is way more significant. The title is what confirms whether a person is going to watch the video or not.

Therefore if you want to convince more users to view your videos, you are going to have to work on the optimization of video titles by using the right keywords. You can use keyword tools that can help you find the trending keywords that are reflective of the content that you are working on. Keywords will help optimize your video that can make it more likely for your videos to be found on Google or YouTube as the algorithm is more likely to promote your video based on the way you optimize your videos. This way, traffic is diverted towards your videos as they are easier to find.

Get Your Tagging On

Since we are on the topic of optimization, using 10-20 tags proves to be helpful when it comes to promoting your videos. It allows your videos to be categorized, and it allows the algorithm to understand the context of your videos better. Therefore with good content and a good keyword system on the way you for your tags can lead to your videos being easily accessed on home pages, suggestions, and search panels.

Remember, the optimization of your videos makes it more likely for Traffic to be diverted towards your videos.

Why Are Video Transcriptions So Effective?

When you script a video or get it professionally done, you always end up with captions for the video and transcription for the video description. It will be preferred if you use your transcription when your videos are about 5 minutes. This, therefore, allows the algorithm to get the gist of your video further as it can’t watch your video.

This helps maximize the use of SEO, which then allows your video to be ranked, and if it meets the requirements of the algorithm, there is a high chance of your video getting promoted and easily accessed. This will unanimously boost the amount of Traffic that your videos receive.

Share Your Videos On Other Platforms

A successful video marketer knows that they’re never going to stick to one platform. The idea behind sharing your videos is to maximize the furthest reach that your videos can go. Try and choose the platforms that usually target your specific audience, and you may see some progress in the amount of Traffic that your videos receive generally.

Always allow your subscribers to also share your videos by enabling the embedding of your videos. This way you can increase and move the Traffic to your videos

Try And Create Playlists

If you want to make an impact on the diversion of Traffic towards your videos, then you should make use of playlists. This is probably one of the smartest moves as it creates the idea of a binge-worthy selection. Try and categorize all your similar videos and form a playlist. If your content is well-liked and consistent, you might be golden when you form a playlist. This may boost Traffic towards your channel as it gives an attractive appeal to your audience, which will lead to more views.

Chapter 9

5 Secrets To Successful Video Marketing

With every video marketer trying to go viral with their videos, it often leaves some lost and stuck in a creative block. Sometimes video marketers just overthink and confuse themselves when they don’t even focus on the simplest of aspects when it comes to video marketing. The idea I’m trying to get across is that it doesn’t take a genius to get the hang of being a successful video marketer.

Stop The Sales Activities And Focus On The Story

So many video marketers are way too inclined to make a sale rather than understanding their audience. If you’re to be a successful marketer, stop the salesperson act and step into the shoes of your audience. Embrace the story of your video if you want to get your message across. There’s perfect timing for everything, and that how you have to deal with promoting your brand. The main focus is to get through to your audience with your video. Remember that content writing and video market go hand in hand as it’s all about the content.

Content is and always will be king, which is why you need to take hold of how you display your story in the video. Whether it be humorous or emotive, make your audience feel something after every video. You need to focus on attracting and appealing your audience so you can grip their attention. This is bound to have a positive response as an outcome, and your audience may even become potential customers.

The First 20 Seconds Are Vital

Remember to think like a content marketer when it comes to video marketing. Your content needs to have an appeal that grips and holds the attention of a viewer so that

they watch your video fully. To hold their attention, you need to remember that the first 20 seconds are vital.

The first 10 seconds is a viewer being interested in the thumbnail and title, and the last 10 seconds is a result of how well the video impacts a viewer. Make it mandatory that your thumbnail and title are both eye-catching and attractive. More importantly, they need to be fully optimized according to the right keywords. By optimizing your video, you allow your videos to be more discoverable, which can help increase the number of views. Furthermore, work on the starting of your video so that your audience knows that they want to continue watching your video within the first 10 seconds of your video. Use a strong hook and try utilizing a vibrant atmosphere with a strong color. Be relatable and funny

Respect The SEO

Utilizing Search Engine Optimization is probably one of the most helpful secrets behind being a successful email marketer. You need to make sure that optimization takes place within the video and the title or description. Remember to use keywords for the tags, video descriptions, and titles.

The basic gist of optimization is making your videos more accessible, as the algorithm is more likely to promote good quality content videos that have the right keywords in their videos. When you have massive search engines like YouTube and Google, you need to try your level best to up your promotion game. The more you promote your videos, the more likely you spread your message, and you get more views.

Target Relevant Audiences

As a video marketer, you want to get your message across; however, you might not get your video across every viewer that views your video. This is the reason why you need to target your audience wisely. Not everyone is going to be interested in what you’re trying to market, so you need to be smart in the way you market. How does one be smart in the way they market? They simply choose a target audience and focus on

getting your message across to them. This, therefore, increases the number of views and the number of potential customers.

Collaborate And Use Other Platforms

One of the key factors in establishing success is making contacts and collaborating with many other influencers. It is a cost-effective method that benefits both sides, which work out perfectly in the method of promoting. By working with other video marketers or influencers, you gain support, and you further allow your marketing horizon to be broadened.

If you support other influencers, they might just help support you by promoting your company and your products. One of the best ways of keeping up with various influencers is by joining different platforms and interacting with influencers that have similar interests as you. This can help further broaden the way you perform video marketing, which can lead to more views and more prospects.

Chapter 10

Where Is Video Marketing Heading?

With the way video marketing has developed over the years, competition continues to rise, and different trends are going to be set. According to research, various video trends are going to be started to match, along with the rising competition and constant development.

This report is giving you an analysis of where video marketing could be headed. Hopefully, this will provide you with insight to further improve and take on something different in the video marketing world.

The Development Of Personalized Videos

According to research, personalized marketing has always had the upper hand in maintaining and leaving a good impression on customers. This tactic has helped in many aspects of marketing and is yet to be added and followed through within the video marketing world. With 72% of consumers more persistent on personalized emails and 60% marketers saying that personalization has helped their strategy, it’s no secret that personalized videos will leap in the market.

Video marketing is heading down this path, and some video marketers are already using personalization. The reason why this may take off is that it creates and strengthens relationships with customers, and this makes it more likely for users to deal with it.

Furthermore, the recognition of a company can be increased through personalization, which increases the chances of consumers buying from your company as they prefer recognized companies. So unanimously, the introduction of personalization may lead to potential success in video marketing.

The Introduction Of 360-Degree Videos

With the constant advancement of technology and the increased competitiveness, people are coming up with creative and innovative ideas to draw the attention of their audiences. The idea is to create something unique and different if you want to go viral. This is why video marketing may go down the 360-degree video making path. The concept is unique and raw, of which it can most definitely give off an appeal and attraction to audiences. With the use of 360-degree headsets in the form of some mobiles, people are more willing to buy content related to 360-degree videos, which is why it has the potential of taking off.

With the gaming industry already taking over the 360-degree world, it’s pretty obvious that video making has potential in it too. Not to mention the ideas of virtual reality can be improved. A specific target audience could be focused upon as they will be more likely to buy the product and content hence the potential success and video marketing going down this line.

Short Videos

Short videos have already taken the video market by storm, and they are improving bit by bit. With platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and many others, video marketers can upload videos and stories. These stories and videos can last for the perfect amount of time for the average human attention span of 2020. 73% of marketing videos that are less than 2 minutes are more likely to be viewed. The idea is to create innovative content that can be used as a marketing video, meet the attention span of the average human, and give off an attractive appeal.

Besides, no one wants to watch a 10-minute video based on a marketing scheme! This is why there is a lot of potentials, and even influencers like Gary Vee think that Snapchat is the future of marketing as it is composed of short videos. People are very protective of their time, and they would more likely watch a 2-minute video than a 10- minute video, especially if it’s related to some form of marketing. Therefore video marketing will move along with short videos it’s already being used

The Improvement Of Marketing Due To Videos

Video marketing has taken a huge leap and is constantly going to be used. It has massively changed the marketing world, and it continues to improve it. With people more likely to watch YouTube rather than television, there is a massive appeal for video marketing in the marketing world. Therefore it is going to continue to rise and is on its way for further greatness. With videos spreading a message more clearly, imagine how well video marketing could do, especially since everywhere people go, they’re all watching videos.

Furthermore, segmentation and dividing users are made easier with the use of the internet, which makes Marketers’ lives easier. Video marketing has been growing from 2017 and is continuously growing, as 87-90% of businesses use videos as a marketing tool.

As video marketing increases, the use of videos makes the lives of other businesses easier, such as the reduction of call and other marketers who say that their ROI outcome is way better. This, therefore, means that video marketing is peaking and will most likely continue to peak so we can safely say that that is where video marketing is headed.

Chapter 11

Why Video Marketing Is Important For Your Business

With the massive outcome that has led to the transformation of marketing, video marketing continues to verify its significance in the business world. It is almost important for most businesses if they want to keep up with the competition and stick to the successful side of the marketing world. Therefore you need to understand how vital video marketing can be for your business.

Helps Increase Your Brand Awareness

As all marketers strive for, it is almost mandatory to promote your company and get your message across. The message being your products and content. How does one make sure that their business gets its message across? You simply work on starting a video marketing campaign. The process of strengthening your brand awareness is the sole advantage of utilizing video marketing.

The idea is to appeal, attract, and hold the audience’s attention, which will further convince them to both buy and support your company. This, therefore, increases the recognition of your brand. Furthermore, video marketing can provide a good image of your company that instantaneously reflects as strong brand awareness.

If you play your cards right with the way you market, you can even make it to becoming a semi-celebrity on YouTube. This, therefore, helps make your brand reach a significant amount of viewers, which is always good for a business as they have a good level of recognition.

Videos And The Impact Of Mobile Users

In a world that everything can be reached in the palm of your hand, it is almost essential for a marketer to make use of this outcome through video marketing. People are constantly on their phones, and what’s even better is that they spend most of their time watching videos on their phones. This makes it almost mandatory for a marketer to have a part in video marketing. This increases room for your target audience capacity, and you can get your products and content across in the form of videos.

This thus allows the accessibility as almost everyone has a smartphone of some sort, which makes video marketing all the significant. With the use of apps like Facebook,

Instagram, and YouTube on phones, your video marketing just gets ten times easier to extend your marketing reach.

A Better ROI

We all know that a marketer has marketing goals and a set budget, which is the backbone of establishing a strategic market that can be effective and efficient. Similarly, by starting with video marketing, you are granted the ability of a good ROI. This, therefore, makes it worth a marketer’s investment.

Therefore video marketing leaves a significant mark on the marketing world, and with the right strategic moves, it could be super beneficial for your business. You are not only keeping up with the competition, but you are also getting a good return on investment, which further leads to a possible success of your business. It is, therefore, really significant for you to start video marketing if you want to make your mark in the marketing world.

Helps Increase Your Online Presence

With the constant advances in the marketing world and the technological, a business must have a strong online presence when it comes to marketing. The perfect way for you to establish a good and strong position online is to start video marketing. When you start video marketing, you start to learn more about your audience and customers, which helps your business to better understanding how to satisfy the customers.

To satisfy customers in the year 2020, having a website online is one of the most prominent ways. The idea is also to keep updating and posting on your website to keep your audience up to date. If you want to up your sales, you need to generate a good amount of Traffic. How do you generate a good amount of Traffic? You have to satisfy your customers and draw their attention to video marketing. This, therefore, generates more traffic, which will eventually lead to more sales for your business.

Builds Trust

Video marketing further allows the factor of trust to be enhanced with the videos that your company uploads. The idea is to make the right videos and target your audience correctly. You can always make videos based on reviews or comparisons and maybe even new product features.

This further creates a feeling of engagement and perhaps even a relationship with your audience. This also builds a lot of trust with your audience as they have access to seeing your products and reviewing before they even decide to buy products.