How has 2021 been treating you so far in terms of earning money online? Are you still struggling and trying out all the shiny objects that come your way every day? Or have you found something that you have made money with but is not sustainable?

Many have tried to build an ecom store in 2020 and while some made money, some even big money, many have lost the shirts on their backs. You see, the problem is that those who boarded the ecom train DO NOT know what they are getting into. While setting up a store is EASY, selling your products is not. You do not realize that you need to spend A LOT of money on ads to test the water before your can come up with a winning product and audience. And before you know it, you have already spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on advertising with NOTHING to show for. And once you have depleted whatever money you have, you move on to another shiny object and repeating the same cycle over and over again.

While I am not bashing the ecom model because it is still a very good business model and made plenty of money for many people I am emphasizing the fact that you must be clear and be prepared for what you are getting into. The days of $5/day ads to make thousands are long over and so if you want to get into this model, be prepared to fork out some serious cash on advertising before you can see any results.

It is the same with other online business models such as CPA, affiliate marketing, SEO, Digital agencies, and many others. It is always the traffic and promotion part that causes some serious problems for many people because they either have to spend some serious cash on ads like PPC to make a sale or for those that have no budget they will just have to rely on the usual traffic from SEO and social media to get eyeballs to their offers. The free traffic method is always slow and takes time to build and the majority of people just give up.

So is there any hope? Are there any other online business models that do not rely on paid ads or SEO? A model where the promotion is already done for you. The answer is


As many of you may have already known, Flippa is the #1 marketplace to buy and sell, blogs, eCommerce stores, Affiliate sites, SaaS businesses, Apps, Digital services, Shopify stores, Amazon FBA stores, Domains, Online Businesses, and blogs. If you sell on Flippa, traffic and visitors is the least of your problems. Why?

It’s because Flippa has a ready pool of more than 250,000 potential buyers looking at your offers without you even needing to promote your listing. All the qualified buyer traffic that you want is already on Flippa. They are super targeted buyers and they are ready to buy from you if your website is right for them. So how do you know what websites are in demand and appealing to your targeted buyers? What type of domain names are they looking for? What type of content, What type of monetization methods, and many other criteria that potential buyers are looking for. That’s where my comprehensive training comes in.

But before that let’s look at the latest traffic stats on one of my listed websites (2-14-2021). This website was just listed for a few days and already there are 9 watchers and 91 views without me having to do any promotion. That’s the beauty of Flippa because I list it and Flippa helped me to promote it.